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Glen R3A Plasma Cleaner Matrix System One Model 105 Plasma Asher/Stripper/Descum
The Glen R3A Plasma Cleaning System is PLC controlled and offers real-time plain English readout of system operating parameters together with remedial action in the event of an abort. This 500 watt plasma cleaner has two 14 x 14-inch electrode sets (capable of up to 8 sample trays) which can be quickly configured to provide any of these three plasma modes... The Matrix System One Model 105 plasma asher uses oxygen, plasma and heat to remove photoresist on silicon, GaAs and other substrates...
Samco UV-300H UV-Ozone Cleaner STS RIE
The Samco Model UV-300H UV-Ozone Stripper Cleaner can be used for stripping or cleaning organic materials from a wide variety of substrate materials. The system process substrates using a combination of UV light, ozone and heat to clean substrates at atmospheric pressure... The Surface Technology Systems Multiplex range of plasma systems combine a single wafer or batch vacuum loadlock with STS etch plasma source to produce a platform of unrivaled quality and reliability for both R&D and pilot-production applications...
The UV-Ozone cleaning process provides a simple, inexpensive, and fast method of obtaining ultra-clean surfaces free of organic contaminants on most inorganic substances...