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Agilent / HP SpectralBER Test System - to 10 Gb/s Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Model AQ-@-1460-SPL Automated Ultrasonic Cleaner
The Agilent / HP SpectralBER is a flexible, expandable multi-port test system, providing test solutions to 10 Gb/s.  This single channel system consisting of 1 transmitter + 1 receiver.  It can easily be re-configured to suite your specific test requirements. The Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, Inc. line of Multi-Tank Cleaning Systems offer multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning capability in a unitized system. Process steps typically include ultrasonic cleaning, single or multiple stage rinsing....
Cascade Microtech Summit 12000 Semi-Automatic Wafer Prober Matrix System One Model 105 Plasma Asher/Stripper/Descum
The Cascade Microtech 12000-series probe systems allow you to access the full measurement range of your test instrumentation. Noise, leakage, stray capacitance and measurement settling times have been greatly reduced. Whatever the application: DC or RF device characterization, wafer-level reliability, e-test, modeling, or yield enhancement, the 12000-series probe stations assure best-in-the-world measurements... The Matrix System One Model 105 plasma asher uses oxygen, plasma and heat to remove photoresist on silicon, GaAs and other substrates...
The UV-Ozone cleaning process provides a simple, inexpensive, and fast method of obtaining ultra-clean surfaces free of organic contaminants on most inorganic substances...