Refurbished Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Research & Development Equipment, Laboratory and Test Equipment


Spectrum Process Equipment was conceived and incorporated in 2003, for the purpose of providing high-tech equipment users with alternatives to purchasing new wafer fabrication equipment and laboratory equipment. We understand the need for cost efficiency in today's economy; that's why we continually search for only the finest quality, used semiconductor equipment and laboratory equipment for our inventory. We want to provide you, our customer, with the best alternatives for your equipment requirements. Our inventory includes plasma deposition equipment, mask aligners and lithography equipment, metrology equipment, wet process equipment, plasma etchers, ashers & strippers, as well as wafer probers, advanced packaging equipment,  and electronic test & measurement equipment to meet all of your equipment needs.

We also have experience selling wafer fabrication and analytical tools on an individual basis, as well as complete semiconductor manufacturing tool sets. We strive to provide unsurpassed quality and value for your surplus semiconductor equipment requirements. With our network of vendors and suppliers our goal is to provide total solutions for your semiconductor capital equipment needs.

All of our equipment is professionally warehoused and shipped by using qualified personnel, who are experienced with handling electronics and high-tech manufacturing equipment. We only use experienced agents and the finest air-ride, padded vans for equipment transport. We  encourage our customers to protect their equipment interests by handling delicate electronic equipment properly. You are always welcome to have your preferred vendor pick up your purchases for packaging, crating and final shipping, or let OUR team of experts provide you with world-wide shipping solutions to YOUR final destination. Please be sure to ask us to provide you with a quotation for your equipment purchases.

At Spectrum Process Equipment, we know that customer satisfaction begins with a clear understanding of our customer's exact equipment requirements.  It's important to know what make and model of equipment our customer requires, but it's equally important to understand the intended use the equipment, and supplier expectations of our customers.  At Spectrum Process Equipment, we always encourage our customers to inspect their equipment purchases at our facility, prior to shipping.  We can also make arrangements to provide additional photos or a video audit before, during, or after the refurbishment process.  All equipment inspections are by appointment only.

We pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality, refurbished equipment to our customers, and we guarantee our refurbished equipment to meet, or exceed, the original OEM specifications prior to leaving our facility.  Before advertising any inventory items for sale, we perform a preliminary audit of each tool to determine its exact configuration and condition (including its operating status).  This allows us to accurately describe each tool to our customers, and to provide information about any upgrade options that might be available prior to delivery. 

Every piece of refurbished equipment comes with Spectrum Process Equipment's standard warranty to insure customer's satisfaction.   During the warranty period, we will repair or replace any equipment part that fails during the course of normal operation of the equipment.  In many cases we can work with our customers to determine the proper warranty period the best suites their need.  Please contact us for more information about our refurbished equipment or warranties.